We are working with a lot of data within the Ork editor. Whenever we need to change a certain variable on a lot of data when we change any design, or figure out a better way to approach it, it takes forever to update all the data and has been prohibitive in some cases.

An example is today we updated our item subtype to have items and food. SO now we would need to go through hundreds of items and change that 1 variable in an identical way.

This has happened several times, particularly as we have learned how to use ork better, updating our approaches.

Is there a way to highlight multiple entries, then when changing the data, whatever is changed is automatically applied to all highlighted? That would be a huge efficiency booster!
If there's not, if you could add that feature, then im sure many would find it useful!
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    That's currently not possible but something I'd like to add in the future.

    Generally, I'd recommend to focus on getting the overall system to your liking before adding hundreds of items that might need to be changed later. Especially for prototyping and early development having a couple of items for each category should be enough to work on the system.
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  • Ok it's great to hear that you'd like to add that in the future, it would be very useful!
    Yes we made sure to keep our data slim initially while we tested before creating more data. I feel like there will always be small tweaks and ideas that arise as we continue to polish and test the game in the future too.
    The funny thing is that the current entries are only a fraction of what's in our spreadsheet: much data to bring in to Ork in the future! Although we will be mindful of this in the meantime.

    I realised that in this recent post, the desired outcome could also be swiftly achieved by just highlighting all the relevant entries and input the desired stats. So it would be useful in numerous circumstances.

    Hopefully we are able to benefit from this addition by the time we bring the rest of the data in, that would be very positive and make the process much more frictionless!
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