So I'm working on trying to integrate Game Kit Controller with Ork3 and one of the big hangups is starts and dmg.

I want to use Ork stats and their values. As well as using it to determine the damage, but have it outputtes through GKC.

GKC uses the Unity event system to connect itself. So I can do what I need for stats be assigning it as a Unity event.

However, I can't figure out how to grab an event for status values. What I need to use a machine? Or would I have to make my own component?
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  • ORK has event handlers you can register to to get notified of changes, e.g.:
    combatant.Status[index].SimpleChanged += YourFunction;
    combatant is the instance of the Combatant, index is the index of the status value (in the editor) and YourFunction is a function without parameters. There are also other event handlers that can give you more information, e.g. the change value.
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  • And to confirm, I would be using this in a custom script, yes? Still learning about Event Handlers so just trying to make sure I'm on the right track.
    Currently making: Real-Time Diablo-like ARPG
  • Yes, this is for scripting only.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
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    Awesome I’m looking forward to this!
    There are also a lot of GKC users in the GKC forums that are keen on integrating ork into their project for its versatility with schematics and powerful RPG systems when this is complete.
    @Solkyoshiro and Santi the GKC dev have been working hard to get it working. It sounds like ork is already equipped in many ways to bring in external controllers, which gives it a lot of flexibility.
    Was it primarily stats @Solkyoshiro that needed integrating from this point?
    Also @gamingislove im not sure if Santi has contacted you at all, but he may get in touch at some point too :)
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  • It's a few things @GuSt.

    -The main one is stats as that drives most of everything else.
    -Making a GKC weapon still works fine when being instantiated by Ork as an inventory item.
    -Making sure the GKC menus are usually by Ork.
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    That’s interesting, I have noticed that you’ve advised Santi to keep ork as the driver for the majority of systems: which is what you are both now doing. I think that’s a great approach and makes a lot of sense given that ork with makinom can to essentially EVERYTHING someone could imagine.
    It will be great to have access to Santi’s library of 7 years worth of movement and ability sets as well as all of his other integrations. In addition to his current integrations to other controllers, his general ride/drive system automatically can be hooked into every other asset available on the store like animal controller, ABC, mech controllers, vehicle controllers like nwh: it sounds like it will essentially mean that people will be able to use ork to drive of those systems mechanics and stats, with GKC as the conduit. Then if someone wants to make their own movements in addition to what their controller has, they can easily do so through Ork. People in the GKC forum have pointed out how ridiculously powerful this will be.

    95% of it seems clear if I’ve been following along correctly, I do have a couple questions @Solkyoshiro that I have and that others that I’ve spoken to have been wondering about for when this integration is live:

    1. Would we be able to create a character in ork that has a combination of both GKC and ORK abilities?
    2. Will those moves and actions be able to be activated through schematics? If so, to what extent could they be controlled with ork?
    2a. Will we be able to have fine control over the movements? Eg say we are firing a bullet from a GKC weapon would we be able to attach a fire damage stat to it which would have the ork stat making it stronger against grass enemies, without having to replace out their default bullet components with Orks? If so would the same thing work when using the stock Malbers dragon controller for breathing fire as it’s projectile? And finally would that mean that the same would work for one of ABCs anime-like combo moves, where ork stats are attached to each of the strikes?
    If any of these are yes, then that will be ridiculously powerful.

    Got to hand it to you, you’ve been putting in a lot of positive progress into making this happen, particularly at the moment @Solkyoshiro .
    I think this will open up a lot of communities to ORK and it’s potential in their games, once this happens now that word has been is getting out.
    Ork’s much better than virtually all the other rpg assets on the UAS. There are a lot of controllers out there currently building rpg related systems into their assets, whist that isn’t intrinsically a bad thing, it makes WAY more sense for those users to plug into ork since we know it’s depth: benefitting all involved. This is the type of integration that can allow this outcome to happen.
    Looking forward to what is to come!
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