First off, thank you for the help you guys give; I know I forgot to update my previous topics (and I will with my last one) but I do appreciate it, I've just been on a roll and haven't gotten a chance to catch up with myself.

In any case, I've been wanting to experiment with some battle transitions and I downloaded a Camera Fade Pack. It looks simple to use, it's just a Component that goes on the Camera on the scene, but I've been having some trouble implementing it into a schematic to start when a battle does. Here's what the documentation says about it;
Once the component has been set up, a single line of code can be used to start the transition
fading in or out. Simply call the fadeIn() or fadeOut() method on the component:

So basically, I used the same Battle Start Schematic as the tutorial, but I replaced the normal camera stuff with a Call Function that's supposed to target the Camera on scene with the Component attached that I bought that handles the transitions.


Setting up the Actors to target the Camera Game Object, which in turn has the Component


Tells the Component to do what the Asset instructed; Simply call the fadeIn() or fadeOut() method on the component.


However, it doesn't work. It doesn't bug out; the battle still happens as normally, but instead it there's no camera stuff. I'm definitely doing something wrong.

Thank you guys!
  • Yeah, no wonder that doesn't work :)

    1) Your actor should look for CameraFadePackTransition, i.e. the actual name of the component/script if you search for component.
    However, if this is just the regular camera, the same ORK uses, you can simply use the Camera object without having to set up an actor for it. That's always available in the schematic's object selections, same as the Player object :)

    2) Here as well, you need to use the actual name of the classes/functions (based on the code you posted above):
    - class name: CameraFadePackTransition
    - function name: fadeIn
    - no parameters
    - target object: use the Camera object if it's the same camera as ORK uses
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  • That worked, thank you!
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