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Hi everyone!

I'm making a 2D mobile rpg, with turn based battle.

I want the game to have a couple of buttons shown, one would go to Menu and other to a map where you click on different spots, and those spots lead to a battle scene.
How can I do this?

I was able to make a control HUD which openes the menu, but I couldn't figure out how to get to the map scene.
Can both be done through ORK, or should it be done through Unity?

Also, I have trouble with the battle map. I cant get to a battle by clicking a battle spot.

Thanks in advance!
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    I'm pretty sure you can do this with ORK. Your question seems similar to another question here

    Trying to paste the link. : ) On my iPad can't do it but the question was asked by Sycil.

    Title of post was 2d environment only aside from battles September.
    Type 2d environment in Search and it should come up.
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    Since you won't have a player in that map scene you have to finesse the player being there to do the click to get you to the battle scene---I think gil already did the update to make that possible.
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    This post might help-- I think it's after he did that update.You don't want a dialogue but a scene change or something like that but I think it's the same idea. I'm sure he can help you. : )

    You'd do it through an ORK event.

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  • Thanks Catacomber, those did help me :)
    But I can't quite get it to work... Maybe I'm just doing something wrong :D Or it has something to do with the beta 4.6 that I'm using?
    Will continue testing this stuff.
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    I think gamingislove will be able to help you. : ) Just hang on. Am not using 4.6 so have no clue. : ) But I have confidence he can help you.
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    Yeah, he usually can :)

    The problem I'm having: I can get into the battle, but when I get back to the map, the ORK battle events have disappeared. Should I do something with the events or...?
    I'm too tired this morning to think for myself :D
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  • The battle events disappear because the battle was finished. This is handled by having Use Scene ID enabled in the Battle components. The scene ID handles if a battle has already been fought or not and will remove it from the game - either disable this setting to keep your battles, or you could also clear those battles after some time using the event system.
    Also, if two battles have the same scene ID, they'll both be gone if the ID was used (i.e. the battle fought).
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  • Boy that was simple, thanks! :)
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