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  • Alright, I am not able to find the Templates > Menu Requirements. Is it possible that I am not using the right version to use that function?
  • What is the best way to setup a game event for picking up a recipe and adding it to the known recipes. How can I disable my crafting recipes untill I have picked them up
  • Hi, it's me again, I've read the tutorial and looked into it in ORK, but I guess that I am using the previous version. A lot of stuf is not there and it's not helping for me. I am currently using the version 2.28.1 for Unity 2018/2019. I can't fig…
  • Alright! I will look into that.
  • Thank you for pointing that out. While setting this up, I'm still figuring out which settings I need to use. I can't seem to find a way to start with an empty crafting recipe list and then fill it up as I find new recipes. Do you have any suggestion…
  • I am still not able to quite figure out how to do this exactly. I have added the item collector and they will be added to my inventory. But how do I use them to unlock a recipe in the crafting menu? I also can't find the option to Add Recipe.
  • Thanks! It works perfectly!
  • Alright, thanks alot. I have another question right now. I am trying to make the selected choice in the crafting UI highlighted so that u can see on which choice u are standing when u are using arrow keys to navigate through the menu. How can I add…
  • yes, i have set up all the animations in abilities
  • The combatants are just staring eachother while wobbling a bit. That's all they do. It looks like all of the animations are just not called for some reason