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  • nice ^^ every feedback will be appreciated ^^
  • Hello, A tutorial on a standard options menu such as allowing the player to change their keys and adjust the volume (general, vfx, music) would be really cool =)
  • Ok so the best is to have these 2 managers to keep theses things up. For the moment I had circumvented the problem with an auto machine which made checks (like a completed quest or a specific object in the inventory) and depending on deactivates or…
  • Well when I try to open the log file ,it crashes ans my pc freeze x) But I still managed to find the problem by activating my gameobjects one by one in the scene until it bug (it was long x) ) In fact it was simply that I had a lava geyser field wi…
  • Ok I always believed that if in the game (in a build) an object was destroyed and we loaded the backup, this one kept the info that the scene had one less object^^
  • Yes that exactly what I needed ,thanks ;)
  • It looks like we're not talking about the same thing, in this video I see him configuring the main menu screen and the save/load save menu itself. What I'm looking to configure is a loading screen(images,video,etc) rather than fade in and out when t…
  • Yeah maybe with a schematic with a check every frame or something like this.I will investigate in that way since I want the less third-party possible.
  • It would be used for example to activate another gameobject (I use it mainly for that) after the collection has taken place. Ok, when I talk about actor fields, I'm really talking about this field that is created when you set actors (gameobject) in …
  • Ok so from the beginning I am wrong about that gyroscope thing ^^' Well it was easy to set it up, only 2 min.Thanks for this information =) Can you tell me if in Ork a toggle movement key is possible? Like pressing the key once and the character c…
  • Ok I hadn't noticed that this node could validate a completed quest condition, thanks for the info ;) Simply an "actors" field like in the "machines components" but for the "item collector" component :)
  • Ok I see, it's really much longer to do it by hand ^^ Thanks for the opinion, I just have to take footsteppers x)
  • It would be good to add a "check Quest finished" node because it exists for tasks but not for quests which sometimes makes things a bit tricky, Ork not recognizing finished quests when using "has quest> no" Also an "actors" field in the collecto…
  • I asked this question because I try to add as few elements as possible in the project ^^ And then there is always this apprehension of struggling to use it (I'm a little pressed for time). as far as possible a solution integrated into ORK if it exis…
  • This seems to work because when I put a mouse/input (right click) and I make left-right movements the camera rotates, on the other hand if I remove the mouse/input nothing more happens.
  • Ok it work well with an auto machine on the BOX prefab itself ;)
  • I use top down border and I tried to Use axis but doesn't work if I don't se a mouse/touch control. See this picture : The input use as horizontal move in the axis key is a gyroscope type with -360 to 360 angle. See this pictur…
  • Ok yes found it ^^ Maybe it could be less confusing if this part is in the batlemenu part itself ^^
  • What I don't understand is that there is a button to target single targets (combatant choice layout) and obviously another place where I have to put a prefab for the button that selects "all targets" I couldn't find it so I used the default layout.

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