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  • The skill in the cell event can solve the effect I need!
  • Okay, I'm going to keep trying. Thank you very much,
  • When I just destroy the player group, then regenerate the player group, and then start the grid layout, the enemies will be generated correctly on the grid, but the problem is that if I defeat the enemy, the battle will not end and will remain on th…
  • Enemy groups can be placed on the grid, but if you use enemy groups without destroying them, there is a problem that you cannot tell when the battle is over
  • I tried to delete the player group, the enemy group, and then regenerated the combatants, but instead of generating the combatants, the game was won. Even if I don't delete the enemy group, just the player group, and then use the grid to lay out th…
  • @gamingislove 1:I saw that ORK2 has a tutorial that deletes player groups and enemy groups, but how does ORK3 delete enemy groups? 2:Another question is IF I don't USE TELEport BATTLES, but there are NPCS in THE place where the battle is taking p…
  • @gamingislove Set up the display battle grid successfully, but there is a problem, the fighters cannot use the move command,
  • @gamingislove Which node SHOULD be used to set up the display grid for the battles that are transferred to different scenarios in a grid battle?
  • @gamingislove What if I wanted a player to only have a chance to recover a bit of action after killing an enemy? I now have the ability to give the player a chance to recover some action when attacking, but I want to give the player a chance to rec…
    in Action Cost Comment by churan August 21
  • 1:For example, the cost of consuming the ground is 1, and the cost of entering the mire is 2. 2:Another question is, in turn-based combat, if my action is 3, what should the player do if he kills an enemy and has a chance to regain 1 point of ac…
    in Action Cost Comment by churan August 20
  • I changed the movement cost in the battle grid Settings to the value of the consumption class I set, and then I set the cost of the different grids in the battle grid type, and I used the tutorial grid movement method.
    in Action Cost Comment by churan August 20
  • Like moving grid, I use the defined value as the cost of mobile, when I was setting grid type, such as ground his mobile cost is 1, when I choose a movement, just deduct 1, but when I choose more of the grid, he will make all my custom value all con…
    in Action Cost Comment by churan August 19
  • The shortcut bar doesn't disappear after a battle, I'm using the last turn mode, and the instructions say it only appears during battle! What is the reason for this? I followed the Battle Bar tutorial setup. After repeated testing, I found that …
    in 2D grid game Comment by churan August 13
  • @gamingislove In grid battles, I use shortcuts as battle menus. When I set a cooldown for a skill and use it in the shortcut bar, everything works fine for the first few turns, but when the cooldown is over, the skill's graphics are not fully restor…
    in 2D grid game Comment by churan August 13
  • I found that when I used the Bestiary skill on one enemy, the value of the other enemies was hidden, but when I didn't use the skill once, their value was revealed.
    in 2D grid game Comment by churan August 12
  • @gamingislove I checked every setting and Bestiary needed HUD without activation option ignore it.
    in 2D grid game Comment by churan August 12
  • Another question is, I have bestiary enabled, but I don't use menu targets as options, enemy information is not hidden in the combat HUD, what do I need to set? Bestiary is set in the same way as 3D RPG Playground. I use the target selection method …
    in 2D grid game Comment by churan August 12
  • @gamingislove In the grid battle, my skill Tanger Range was None. After using the Select Target Cell, I tried to Select the Is Targeted condition in the Combatnat Requirements in the HUD to display the HUD, but it seemed that the HUD could not be …
    in 2D grid game Comment by churan August 11
  • @gamingislove Nice, I'm currently using schematics and autobots to make Grid Move appear.
  • Thanks, so I don't have to use Button List or Option to close the inventory UI Box!

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