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  • Oh... why didn't I try this node! Thanks GIL!
  • Thanks as always for your spot-on advice, GIL. Thanks to you, it now works as desired. I would be happy to answer an additional question. I know that there is probably no easy way to recalculate the range of movement in the middle of a turn, but is…
  • Thanks for the reply. >give the combatant a random move range I thought that the movement range calculations were done at the start of the turn and couldn't be changed mid-turn... I guess changing the movement range value would not be reflected …
  • Thanks for the quick reply, GIL. HUD condition Components, I didn't realize how useful that was! Now it works as expected, thanks!
  • @gamingislove yeah...I'm using Built-in HUD and HUD Content(Status Value and Equipment List), and when the "Check Status" button is pressed on the screen, the game state of "ShowingStatus" is turned on to open the HUD. So basically, I am changing …
  • Thanks for the reply gaminislove! But I still don't have the behavior I wanted, so let me ask a few more questions. I'm really sorry to take up your time. 1. player.Status.MarkResetStatus(); yield return null; player.Equipment.FireChanged(); Debu…
  • @GIL Thanks! I could update the status of equipment. One more thing I want to know, as I mentioned earlier, if I change the name and status of a equipment that player currently have equipped, it is not reflected in the display. I'm using HUD cont…
  • Thanks so much for your kind instructions! Now it's all working just fine. I couldn't figure out how to transition to the base layer, but the solution was very simple, I just needed to transition to the Empty state as you instructed. Thanks for the…
  • @Scyra I'm using Mecanim, and I tried your method, but it didn't change the result. I've also tried changing some node properties... and animation transition to crossfade or trigger...etc. But I couldn't get the jump motion. The only way I have f…
  • @Scyra Thanks for the quick response! But unfortunately, I already had the wait node set up.
  • Thanks GIL! Sorry for the trivial question. And thanks for the great asset, I'll do my best to use it.

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