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  • I have a question about the compatibility of Ork with some features of 2D package. I first used a simple way to create animator controller and animation for player, combattant, NPC, enemy... etc. Animation is based on Sprite and I use override con…
  • Hello. I have update my player with the new tutorial of 2D grid battle. The Sprite and animator are on the Sprite object and now use the Direction/Speed parameters. It work fine with the player. But when I have a second combattant in group, with…
  • Thank you !
  • @gamingislove Thank for your answer, I found the reason (Although there really something strange...) In the animator controller, there was a single animation using the renderer color property (but I don"t use this animation). I deleted the animatio…
  • @Canelle Color changes on game objects change the color of the object's renderer - some materials/shaders don't support that, so that might be the source of this issue. Also, some other parts of ORK might also change the color, e.g. a flying text, …
  • Hello, I don't know if this is a bug or something I miss... In schematics, I use the node "Change color" with some objet. It works with some object, but It doesn't work on the player. The player don't change color. I tried to change color with an…
  • Thank you very much for this fast answer ! You solved the second problem (I didn't see one of the turn object options). About the 2D sprite direction animation, I will see if I can base direction animation on rotation by myself. If not, I will wait…

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