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  • Sorry, I've spent hours playing around with it to try and get it to work and nothing seems to work. I can't seem to get the 'visible' player or the root game object to move. Here is a hopefully a better description of how I am handling the player:…
  • No the player is not the root object, but as you mentioned I'm using the Child as Root settings. The machine sets whatever game object it is attatched to (which is the root player game object) as the player. I'll try moving it to the moving player g…
  • Thankyou! Got it working by registering the component. However, when switching from the main camera to the battle, the FOV on the battle camera changes from the default value (60) to the lowest value (1e-05) and I can't seem to find out why. Finis…
  • Thankyou! I got most of it working except changing to members. Sorry, I meant group not party. So I have 4 positions which can be swapped out, and I want to be able to press 1,2,3,4 to switch to those specific slots rather than specific party membe…
  • There appears to be a possible bug with equipping already equipped items. With "Show Add Equipped" ticked, when your characters starts with something equipped, and you try to equip that same item it appears to cause it to reference it twice or dupli…
  • Thankyou. :) Also just to clarify a few things: 1. Good to hear, thankyou. If possible, I was also would like to be able to select from a list of combatants not in your party, and then have the option to swap with someone in your current party. Si…
  • Okay thankyou, sounds good. Do you know approximately when you'll be releasing the next update?
  • That's great news thankyou. We are using a grid layout with the sub menu images for all of our menus. So to confirm will this allow us to reference the icons in the submenus for those sections? If so that would be excellent.
  • Ok thankyou for that. I'll hold off on doing that for now until the update then. Having access to that will be very useful. When do you think that update will be available?
  • Thankyou. Just wondering if you have had time to look into it yet?

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