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  • I got really busy and haven't had the chance to do this but I plan to send something this weekend. I'm also having an issue where the running animation since of party members will randomly play instead of shifting to idle since updating to 2.31.0. …
  • Fixed jumping issue with switching to raycast - where can I adjust those inactive color settings? I tried editing it in the guibox own inactive colors, but still nothing. edit: I updated the default inactive colors and still nothing unless I move/p…
  • It's not :) Here is my settings! The menu that calls active/finished quest How the active/finished menu screens look: Unrelated, but since updating ORK to the latest, I notice my characters randomly play their jump/or fall animation at …
  • So I tried both ways - yesterday I had it with open selected enabled. Still nothing unless I move the cursor and then it loads.
  • Thanks! My next question is, is it possible when I open the menu that the first choice auto calls that menu so it opens up to active/still seeing the button list? Right now it just shows active and cancelled when opened - then I have to use inputs …
  • Question about quests! Is it possible to separate them with menu screens by their status? (Active/inactive) as shown in this picture?
  • Hi - I notice there's an issue with conditional prefabs and members giving way(stepping away from you if you get too close). Example: Member 0 is party leader. Members 1, 2 and 3 give way when 0 steps towards them. Follows normally. Member 0 chan…
  • How can I start an interaction from an NPC running into the player while the characters control is blocked? I added a big box collider to the NPC so they have sufficient space to catch the player in the trigger.
  • As actors! edit: fixed. re-searched the objects after everything spawned :)
  • I tried both ways - in the event settings and when the 5th member spawns. Still nothing. They go back to moving once the event is over however!
  • Hi! Unrelated issue. I'm spawning all members of the player group during an event. However, trying to move whoever is not in the battle group does not work whatsoever. I.E 4 combatants in battle group. The event spawns the entire active player group…
  • Got it working by setting the collider as is trigger :) My next question since I have it set for event interactions - how would I mark something as a custom interaction for scene objects that have event interactions? I.E is it possible to just say…
  • Yeah, that's how I've been doing it but still no luck.
  • Alright I added a scene object but it's still not showing in the interaction despite it having a name and description. Blue is what shows up in game despite %n other markers being defined in the text for the interaction.
  • So say for events my general interaction hud shows "interact" I have a game object. I want it to say "box" instead of "interact". How do I set it so the custom interaction would use "box" for that instance instead of interact?
  • Specifically for stuff like open for doors/talk/swim/search depending on the situation. I couldn't figure out how to do the whole scene object thing/how to properly set up a custom interaction!
  • You can make a conditional prefab in the combatant section based on a global variable. A conditional prefab will change a combatants prefab based on certain criteria. In the world scene, you can make an auto start event that sets a global variable …
  • Next question! Is there a way to change a combatants movement speed in battles only?
  • This is an issue I have with player/party combatants too! They'll be on the prefab, but if they are part of the player group, it says event file not found.