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  • Reading through your updates it seems you feel more comfortable working with Ork 3 than you expected to, I am excited to see what cool feature you will add during its lifecycle :)
  • Looks exciting :)
  • Are slimes characters, seems to open grounds for a very interesting discussion :) What about "characters & monsters"? Then I would call this system a "party wide/ based initiative system".
  • hellwalker said: Maybe Stats instead of attributes? Status values are now used for chances and experience. Calling those stats feels awkward. hellwalker said: Combatant could be changed to Character. 100% agree
  • I don't think there ever was something as an official name for such a thing. Status values in Ork are so encompassing part of a system that I think most people would just refer to them as numerical values. I would recommend you leave it as it is. …
  • Other changes you made are good, but: - status values > attributes is horrible. Attributes are usually defined as intrinsic characteristic of a person. They are either unchanging, or changeable only trough medical procedures or magic(temporal).…
  • You shouldn't change the game for people that don't like it. This way you will only lose the people who do like it without convincing anyone.
  • Congratulation!
  • You can use formulas within formulas to use as parenthesis. This can increase complexity of your math equations.
  • So I assume I can't have scene object do mouse hover cursor change without raycasting? Because changing which layers are hit by ORK raycasts via their layer mask settings just makes the setup behave the same way as it were on ignore raycast layer. …
  • Is it possible to use scene objects with cursor change on hover that are on ignore raycast layer? I wanted to use it on scene changers, which needs to be on ignore raycast layer to be clickable.
  • That's awesome :) Excited to test this :)
  • Great:) BTW Is it possible (or will be in ORK 3) to have a cursor changed when hovering over some event triggers? I am interested in system in which when I hover over X type events/objects cursor changes to A and when I hover over Y type event/obj…
  • 1) I know what caused problem now. It happens when I had a negative movement costs on a grid. When I changed ability to not make movement costs below 0 problem disappeared. It seems that newer Ork causes errors with sub 0 movement costs. I used t…
  • 1) 1600 cells. However I used the same grid, with the same abilities before the update and there was no problem. Now I can use the setup without problems when I use abilities that don't affect movement cost. When using ability that affect movement …
  • 1) When adding status effect that affects formula (adds a negative number) for movement cost on the grid cell I get this. It seems I get this when Ork is calculating movement costs when I try to move mouse over grid. I have Unity 2021 and newest Ork…
  • You can also use search function to find nodes. You won't need to remember where to find them if you start using search.
  • I love Princess Maker 2. How many skills are you going to have?
  • Will we get an updated Mission Grid Battles demo for ORK 3? This was a real help in learning the framework and it would help in learning how to use ORK 3.