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  • Great! Fixed it, thanks! Was insanely quick ;)
  • Using the new UI. Odd that its working as usual for you then, since it was the only change after a git reset. here is the button just using the generic button at the moment as shown in screenshot.
  • It is for a targeted ability. There needs to be a combatant at the cell. You can see the target settings here.
  • Sure, here is the event. Store grid cells happens first Second node is to make the 2D sprite face the target. Third is execute a function for animations wait is well, wait :) calculate damage node and last one is the event i described earlier that…
  • I tried this but I seem to be doing something wrong. There is an event for the spell, this calls en event to make the cells have the "fire" event. I added another imgur, here u can see the Store Grid Cell node in use. …
  • Great thanks!
  • The problem with that is that they dont get spawned on their last position, but in the center of the grid. This was something i already tried.
  • I use the built in top down 2d controller.
  • Thanks for your quick reply, as always! 1) It is already on XY horizontal plane in game settings. I am on version 2.31.0 already. Though i think i have a way of fixing this another way. 2) I already disabled the use deployment cells, the wait help…
  • Aha, great! Ill look into this, thanks!
  • Ill post some pictures showing the current setup that might help give an insight. The custom input origins (using rewired) do work correctly. Even when selecting a button that is usually working (for example the interac…
  • I did some more testing and the zoom only does not work when using buttons instead of axis. When enabling the axis it does work. But i want to use buttons sadly And thanks for looking into panning! Excited for the next release
  • yes i updated it yesterday, i was on 2.29 before that.
  • Thought i'd continue this thread instead of starting a new one for future people to have anything in 1 place. As you say the function need to be declared for custom animations. This sounds very logical, but on what class?
  • The Horizontal plane was already at XY. Disabling the Ignore Height Distance setting fixed it! No idea why tho, thought it would count for z-axis, but works good now! Thanks a ton, for the great asset and great (and patient) support! Ill be sure…
  • That fixes the "The character sometimes starts the proper move over time, but then after like half a second, it teleports to the target cell." problem. It used to move one cell then teleport to the target cell. I found its only in the Y direction t…
  • That is why i , in my initial post, i asked for some info for a way to hook it up to an event using the check orientation node. The problem was there is not an event (as far as i know) u can execute when a combatant gets placed and its orientation …
  • Yeah this is with a movement event, i added a screenshot to further show the event in more detail. Thanks in advance
  • I have managed to get it working with the direction input, and it accesses the animator correctly. However i still have an issue, i should use the rotation settings, and the values get sent to the animator correctly. but when using rotations in 2D …
  • The box collider gets disabled, but the previous problem still persists. The distance is a max of 5units on either X or Y (5grid cells). The character sometimes starts the proper move over time, but then after like half a second, it teleports to …