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  • Oh, that's pretty neat then. Looked at the UGUI and it seems pretty nice. Saved me some money :p
    in ngui Comment by Loopdaloop April 2016
  • Oh, a new UI? I never actually realized Unity had added a new system/style xD I've updated, I'll check that out. Thanks for the heads up.
    in ngui Comment by Loopdaloop April 2016
  • Ah, OK. I use Ork for the majority of the project I am working on (started with ork before I got Makinom). So I could use Makinom to display/change the menus. I could then display items in my inventory via ork by using code that hooks into Ork and f…
    in ngui Comment by Loopdaloop April 2016
  • Ok, thanks. For some reaosn I thought you needed to have an input node before the 'move' node. Object now moves in all directions. :) Another question, I imagine there's a node or a setting in a node where I can detect if vertical. is being pressed …
  • I've placed forwards on w, backwards on s, left on a and right on d. I want it so that when I press w+d I will move diagonal in the direction in correspondence to the input and vice versa for the other diagonal combinations. Input node doesn't allow…
  • Best way I can think of is having a float variable, for example called 'time'. create an event that sets the float to the desired amount of time you want to have i.e. '24'/ in the event make it so that it subtracts from the 'time' variable after a '…
  • Yes. simply make a new scene and name is 'loadingScreen'. Have the title go to that after you hit new game. Then once on the load screen scene, have an auto event that has a wait of how ever many seconds until it goes to the next scene. This can be …
  • Try converting them to MP3, this can be done via Audacity (A free audio editing prog).
  • Sounds good man, keep at it.
  • In 'Event Settings' did you add the sound effect?
  • Yeah, worked fine in a different scene. Wouldn't of been an autostart. I scanned the scenes events and the only autostart I had was a few dialogue boxes + cam positions + movement steps to set up the scene entrance when entering for the first time. …
  • I have a load screen after the intro that turns on all variables that are needed at the start. So the variable for the events are already pre-loaded a few scenes prior to entering the scene. I just did a test via a different scene and it worked fine…
  • Hmmm, is it possible the scene I'm using is bugged and causing the problem? Because at the moment I have to load the scene twice for any event to appear that has auto-destroy on. Even if it's an event that has just been loaded by entering the scene.…
  • Hey, that's not how I usually have it set up. I usually have it set to interact. This was a quick demonstration and I forget to set the type :p
  • Hey, not sure if this is a bug or just me doing something wrong so I'll post here. Basically I have the auto destroy set up and it works to make events stay gone. However, when I enter a scene with both a start and end variable and have auto-destroy…
  • Ok, cool. Thanks the heads up.
  • Small request. Not sure if it's currently possible, don't think it is. Would it be possible to get a step in the image event function to fade the image in/out. Thanks
  • I like the idea and everything. Good luck with it.
  • Thanks for adding the options menu. I have a request to add to it though. Could you possibly make it so you can select and change the settings using the keyboard. Thanks
  • Hey man, nice update. Thanks.