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  • I don't think there's a way to do that currently. I was looking into something similar; in Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre series it briefly displays enemy movement range and attack range before they actually move or attack, so it looks like …
  • You've achieved a high level of quality, so I'm not surprised if it takes a long time between updates. At least you've chosen a timeless art style so you don't have to worry about your graphics looking dated by the time you release it. Hazel is very…
  • It sounds like this would make it very easy to implement a "jobs" system, such as I've enjoyed in several RPG's. I'll definitely use some of these features. Sounds good.
  • Wow, another huge update. I thought when you were semi out-of-office it meant taking a break, but apparently not. Thanks for this one.
  • There are 872 nodes, not counting 3 "Add Group" nodes, which appear to be bugged. GuSt said: So I’m essentially seeing if a document sorted by category like in the editor, with the name and description underneath exists. It doesn't exist. The questi…
  • I may be pointing out the obvious, but if you press "a" you'll get the full list of all nodes that start with "a."
  • If the Camera Control Target changes while the camera is currently rotating, the camera goes flying. You can test it by setting Battle Grid Settings > Move Command to Camera Control Target and using arrow keys to select where to Grid Move while …
  • That looks really good. There's also a component called Layout Element that has an "Ignore Layout" option that's useful if you want to free a specific GameObject from being controlled by those Vertical/Horizontal Layout Groups.
  • GameObjects lower in the hierarchy are effectively layered on top. In your picture, for example, if your menu background image is a component of UI Box - MAIN MENU - Start, then the Button - main menu GameObjects are drawn over it because they are l…
  • There is another setting in UI > UI Settings, and scroll down to ORK UI Settings > HUD Settings. HUD Effect Time and HUD Check Time are there...but I'm not sure if it will do what you want because I haven't touched it. You might want to look …
    in HUD item icons Comment by Scyra August 4
  • Hey, good job. About Orientation Fork: I use it From: Machine Object, To: Selected Data: cell, to see where the next grid cell is relative to the player and play appropriate turning animations. Anyway, it sounds like you're all set now. Good luck.
  • For TextMesh Pro sprites can do a quick test without an atlas like so: Right-click a sprite > Create > TextMeshPro > Sprite Asset, then put the new TMP_Sprite Asset in Resources/Sprite Assets folder. Then in ORK, you can temporarily assign…
    in HUD item icons Comment by Scyra August 4
  • Battles > Target Settings > Target Dialogues > Target Information > Show User Changes & Target Changes let you launch schematics which you could use to set your own bools.
  • Maybe you can trade the 4 Check Transform nodes for one Orientation Fork?
  • Are you using this movement schematic from the roguelike tutorial? You might run into an issue I had when transitioning to 3D from the 2D Grid Battle Tutorial: gamingislove said: For turning into movement direction with this setup, change the Cha…
  • Looks like that's 3D RPG Playground with its battle system changed to be real time, just like 3D Action RPG. There's a tutorial to make a shortcut bar like that: Shortcuts HUD. But I don't think there's a specific tutorial for this exact setup.
  • That's fine. Take care, Gil.
  • theProject said: The other issue is definitely a Unity quirk, doesn’t hurt me at all and is completely random - they don’t even worry about it. Thanks for the help! I think you are right about that. I'm pretty sure I had that happe…
  • Some games, like Darkest Dungeon, give the stunned combatant a large, stacking, resistance bonus to stun. I think it worked really well there.
  • Oh, wow. Confirmed. It's working perfectly.

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