I have a small problem... my game is in full production, the game is fully playable and have good visual but... there are some criticism about the UI, because is the default Unity UI. I want to change it but the tutorial is not very specific... Can anyone put me in the right direction?
  • Hi IndieGuy, it is not clear to me if you want to change the current GUI Skin used in your game or implement the new Unity GUI (uGUI), can you explain?
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    As I read it, you need to change the GUI Skins used by your GUI boxes.

    The default GUI skin that's used is defined in Menus > Menu Settings in the Default GUI Skin Settings, the default can be overridden in each GUI box individually.

    ORK uses mostly the Box, Button and the various Vertical Scrollbar parts of a GUI skin.
    E.g. to change the background of your GUI box, that's handled by the Box style.
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