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im having a problem placing an NPC to game scene so it automatic put equipment on start
what i did
Inventory>Armor> created the armor and set the prefab
in Combatant >Classes enabled the armor
in Combatant >Combatant > i created the NPC set the prefab and add the Equipment

when i put the NPC prefab on the scene and play the NPC is without the armor i set

i know im doing it wrong ,im bad with Event System
can someone help me with it ?

P.s im using the full version not the free one
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  • Is the NPC in the scene actually a combatant? Just using the prefab from a combatant doesn't make it a combatant (allowing to use the whole equipment stuff) - you have to e.g. use an Add Combatant component to the prefab in the scene to make it a combatant.
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    thanks i didn't know theirs a component for that
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