I tried to mount the player to a moving object using event in Ork Framework.
But I failed.
I can only mouth other objects to Player.

What I want is the player jump and trigger with a moving hook then player grab it, mount to it and move along together with it until reach the opposite side then un-mount the player and player down to the ground.

Is this possible?
Anyone would kindly help me, please?

Thank you.
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  • If you can mount other objects to the player, it should be simple to mount the player to other objects. In the mount object node, in the object section, choose your player as the actor. In the target object, choose the object that you want the player to mount to.
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    Thanks so much for your advice.
    Ok, I can mount player to the target object now.
    However, it was just player standing on the top of the target object.

    But actually, I want players' hands to be mounted to the target object like hanging.
    Any idea?

    Thanks again for your time.
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  • Hmm I actually have no idea on how to do that, since I haven't tried it before and don't really need it. My game just requires me to jump on top of a moving platform.
    Maybe Gil can shine a light on this :)
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    Thanks for your comment.
    I hope GIL could advise something soon.
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    Simply put, you can't mount a child object to another object ...

    Well, you can, but it will no longer be a child object of the original one. E.g. if you mount the hands of the player to the platform, the hands will be part of the platform and not the player, leaving the player to fall down without hands :D

    You'll have to work with offsets when mounting the player to the platform.
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    Hi GIL,

    Thanks for your advise.
    The offset solved my issue.


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