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I want to try to do 2 things. NPC attacking after a discussion goes wrong. Also, spawning a mob when the NPC says something mean. Any help greatly appreciated. One could be the NPC attacks my player when he gets mad at something, another thing is he turns into a monster and a monster spawns and his prefab disappears. The last thing is that a monster spawns around the corner when the NPC says something. That is about it. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks . Im getting into the creative stuff now.
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  • Spawning combatants can be done with a Spawn Combatant node or a Start Combatant Spawner node (uses an already set up combatant spawner). You can also turn the NPC into a combatant using the Add Combatant node.

    Starting a battle in an event is done using the Start Battle node - requires either a game object with a combatant or a Battle component.
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  • awesome thank you!
  • Not sure if this will help you any; but, I used the following tutorial a while back to create a summon ability for one of my mini-boss mobs. It's a wererat that summons giant rats to his aid.

  • Wow that is cool. I will use it for sure. I thought of so many cool things you can do with Ork. another is having an enemy with an invisible prefab attack you so it is an invisible character. sneaking past enemies abilites,and some other things I cannot remember. Lol! thank you so much.
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