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Hi, I have a bouncing controller,

edit:..and found the solution. set jump duration to .9 in base control settings.

Edit. Does anyone know of a tutorial that shows how to make your npc enemies walk along a path, and then attack you when you are in range , or if they are attacked, then if they do not die, they go back to their post and go back and forth again on the navmesh? please

Also, does anyone know if I could make an ability that makes my character fly? It would be basically like GOD mode cheats in PC games. But with colliding against walls . I would create an invisible ceiling and lengthen my zone barrier blocks higher. Please if anyone knows , I would really appreciate it.

edit: I see a lot of scripts on the net, partially done and unfinished mostly or snippets. I was hoping to make this an ability in a script on the fps controller that was not enabled until you reach a certain high level. then cast it as an ability.

That sounds hard, maybe it can be done? Thank you.
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  • Walking along a path - the combatants need a move AI and you'll have to set up waypoints in the scene for the combatant to follow. Select the waypoints in the component used to add the combatant in the scene (e.g. Combatant Spawner or Add Combatant components).

    Making the combatant fly would pretty much require a custom player control component (if that's for the player). I.e. you'd use the event system to remove the current control and add another control component. Or use the event system for flight controls, although you'll probably have better controls with a custom script (or using Makinom).
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  • Ok thank you Gil, I will try it out. thanks.
  • @silverglade1 There's a thread + tutorial on making the NPC patrol a certain path here : http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/3084/move-ai-and-npc-interactions

    If you go through those threads I'm pretty sure you will figure out how to make them attack too.
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    Thank you. I just tried to make a fox walk in a triangle of 3 points. I made empty objects and attached small cubes on them to make them visible. then i added the waypoints to the fox combatant spawner, I placed the fox spawner onto the first waypoint, and used Hunt, AI because I did not know how to make my own AI. The fox does not follow the triangle of waypoints, he just walks around as he wants to, pretty far from the triangle. Any help greatly appreciated again. Thanks.

    (I just tried to understand the tutorial you linked but I don't understand it.)

    edit: I would also like to place spawns in a static spot, ready to attack my player, and follow him away from the spot, and then if the fight ends and the enemy is still alive, I want him to return to his spawn point.

    Also, I put little fish in a river, and they swim outside of it, and my foxes walk into it. Is there a way I can limit their roaming if I have made the whole scene a battle area? I had to due to my battle UI and some problems I was having with my battle menu and skillbar for spells.
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    If the waypoints are added to the combatant spawner, the combatant will follow them - just tried that on my end and it worked. Can you post a screenshot from your spawner's settings?

    To have a combatant spawn and stay at the place (unless hunting the player), don't add waypoints and have Enable Random Patrol disabled in the move AI the combatant uses. In that case, the combatant will stay at the position it was spawned and hunt the player when detected (if detection is set up and hunting enabled).

    What are you using for moving the combatants with the move AI? E.g. when using NavMesh, you can set up different areas and have the agents only move on selected areas.
    For your fox/fish setup, you'd have an area for the foxes and an area for the fish, limiting both to only move within their areas (e.g. a land and a river area).
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    awesome once again Gil. Thank you so much. I am very close to being able to get my game about 80% done after these few questions. After this I am just going to make the game copying what I have made and altering it zone to zone. I have the fox walking in a triangle nicely, the static foxes, working perfectly so Thank you!!

    Also, the fox keeps biting even when i walk away. Not sure how to cure that. Actually all of my animals keep biting and moving when I run away from the battle. Also, when a static spawn, the fox does not bite me, he attacks but does not open his mouth, only after i do damage does he bite at me. Any ideas? Please.

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  • Try using the Hunting Range settings in the move AI's hunting settings to have the fox return when the player runs far enough away.

    What's a static spawn? Do you mean a combatant spawner without using a trigger to define a spawn area?
    Anyway, sounds like something's wrong with your animation setup, e.g. an animation on a higher layer playing that prevents the attack from playing (when using legacy animations).
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    Thank you. Edit: (Hi Gil, I just added the Hunting Range to the Move AI and it messed up the fox's hunting pretty badly. The foxes legs dont move also when he is biting me, and then when i run far away, he keeps biting the air, following the hunt move ai randomly. I have to check why the gazelle is not ramming at me when it attacks, when I put it just placed in one spot and not hunting. Then I get near, he chases me but does not ram at me. I don't know what to do about the fox. I still have to experiment with the gazelle animation settings.

    Also, the field rat and fox biting attacks were working fine when I had them roaming around. Once I placed them at one spot waiting to attack, that is when they stopped biting me and just kind of moved forward into me, following me. The animations look set correctly. The gazelle would ram me as well, but I cannot have them roam because of the river, and I also want to have the one spot spawns in a dungeon. Any more ideas would be great. Thank you again. :)
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  • You have to set up some kind of animation blending to have your movement and attack animation blend together, or the attack animation shouldn't have keyframes for the legs. Also, make sure attack and movement aren't put on the same animation layer (when using legacy animations). Alternatively, you can also block the combatant's move AI during the attack to prevent movement (if that's what moves the combatant).

    If attacks animate while moving but not when standing still it's a sign that your idle animation is probably overriding the attack animation, e.g. being on a higher layer or stopping all other animations.
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    Thanks for that Gil.
    Edit: I made this a new topic Gil, because I think it is important for people to see how to fix this if they need to.

    Thank you for mentioning animation blending!!

    here is the new posted topic.

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