Hello .
I have some basic AI up and running for a Diablo-like game . All the Ai is basically does is run around (using move AI ) and when it sees me , goes into hunt , and when it is close , it attacks me .

the problem is push AI around using my player while walking into it . i tried increasing the Mass on the rigid body component on the ai , but it doesnt have any noticeable effect . I can prevent this by activating "Freeze Position X Y Z " of the rigid body , but this will cause my character to be able to climb up the AI and stand on his head !

Other problem is i made the Another MoveAI , and it is defined to be cautious and run away when player is close . problem is AI will forget this behaviour when i attack him from range, which makes him enter combat , and never run away again when i get close . Should i set up the MoveAi to work in combat ? if yes , how ?

Ty for the support :)
  • This is generally a physics problem - you'll have to decide if you need this at all (i.e. rigidbody driven movement). Setting your rigidbodies to kinematic should solve the issue.

    As for the other move AI - what's the scenario here, are using real time battle areas? Cause otherwise, once you start a battle with a combatant, the move AI might be disabled based on the used battle system's settings.
    Also, when the enemy is fighting you, the battle AI (deciding actions) will cause overrides to the move AI behaviour (e.g. moving into use range of an ability instead of fleeing). There are move AI nodes in the battle AI to check and react to the move AI's state.
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