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When my StartBattleEvent moves my camera to the BattleView, it is correctly at the center of the battle arena, but is at ground level, pointed straight down (and, thus, looking at nothing, since the combatants and the ground are above it).

If I pause the game and move the camera up manually, it can see everything just fine. I tried changing the default y value to an arbitrarily large value, but the camera is still positioned at the ground height. I'm using the default values from the "23. Battle start events" tutorial.

Any guidance/ideas/suggestions?

EDIT: I've tried increasing the Wait values (which another thread with this same issue had marked as the solution) to no avail. I've checked that the BattleSpots are spawning correctly.

EDIT 2: I had to turn off the Collision Camera script AND increase the wait time in the second wait to 1.0s. Now I just need to figure out how to turn off the Collision Camera script as part of the Battle Start Event...

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  • There's the Collision Camera node to enable/disable ORK's collision camera component :)
    Or if you're using a custom collision camera script, you can just use an Enable Component node for that.
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