Anyone looked at Tony Li's (Dialogue System & Love/Hate asset creator) "Quest Machine" asset yet?

It's a procedural quest engine that looks pretty sweet so far. You can apparently use it to make endless quests and it integrates with his other assets. He's adding other 3rd party integration and I asked if he would be adding ORK support. He placed ORK on his Trello list the other day so hopefully he releases something soon.

I'm actually kinda waiting on the release before I begin adding any quests to my ORK game.
  • Have looked at the same thing today, I trust the quality of work, but not sure if my project would required an individual quest system.
  • I just wrote with the developer today, and he mentioned that he should have Ork Integration completed by the end of January (and integration with his dialogue system by the end of this month). In case you were still wondering about this :)
  • that seems a nice one. Does it also need Dialogue system or can be autonomous?
  • From what I understand, no it does not need the dialogue system - just that it will also integrate with it [soon]. You should be able to use either just the dialogue system, just the quest machine, neither or both.
  • It's completely separate from Dialog System -- although there is a DS integration in the works.

    QM uses World of Warcraft style dialog boxes for presenting and accepting quests. So I'm waiting on the DS integration before I really dive into it, as I'm looking for a more naturalistic approach to quests (Gothic, BioWare games, etc).
  • Well I saw some videos, and it seems cool Quest Manager/Creator, but I don't get the procedural part that advertises
  • Hi everyone! Thanks for all your interest in Quest Machine!

    As soon as time allows, I'll post a tutorial video that demonstrates how to set up your game for procedural quest generation.

    In brief, the general idea is that your scene will have generators and entities. A quest generator, typically an NPC, has a set of values and relationships (e.g., pacifist; dislikes orcs) and places that it's aware of. A quest entity is something in the world annotated with information about how and when it can be used in quests (e.g., threatens enemies; can be killed or bribed).

    When an NPC wants to generate a quest, it checks the entities that it's aware of and chooses one that it judges to be high priority. Then it plans a set of actions that should lower the overall priority of the world as it knows it. (This is the quest.) This plan can involve any number of steps and any number of entities that the NPC is aware of. For example, the pacifist, orc-hating NPC might ask the quester (player) to bribe some orcs to leave. To do this, the plan might require the quester to sneak into a troll burrow and steal the trolls' mutton stew that the the orcs can be bribed with.

    In the example ORK integration scene, I'll include some procedural generation stuff as well as hand-written quests.
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    I just bought this recently and am looking forward to its integration with your Dialogue System and ORK Framework. I think the procedural quest generation is a really useful feature as players always want a lot to do. It was one of the things that attracted me to this extension. I can write 70 handwritten quests but to get some additional quests generated based on the player's environment is a plus, plus. Even a smallish world can be attractive to a player if there's a lot to do.
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  • Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in releasing Quest Machine's ORK Framework support! It's finally on the store now:!/content/39834

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post here, or on the Quest Machine Unity thread or the Pixel Crushers forum, or email me directly at tony (at)
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    Thanks for your continued support of my products :)
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  • My pleasure! I enjoy working with ORK Framework.

    For anyone who is importing the Dialogue System for Unity's ORK Framework support package along with Quest Machine's ORK Framework support package, there was a small name conflict in Quest Machine 1.0.4. It's corrected in, which should be available on the Asset Store today. You can also directly download the ORK Framework support package here:


    (If you're using Quest Machine or higher, you don't need to download this package.)
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