Makinom 1.10.0 is here: release notes

This version is available for both Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017.1!
Downloading it in the Asset Store should give you the correct version for your Unity version :)

The update brings some cool new stuff:
  • Editor: View Limiting
    You can limit the displayed settings to only show one base foldout at a time.
    Buttons above and below the settings alow navigating between the foldouts, the foldout quick jump list has a popup field to quick select a foldout, or you can double click on a name in the jump list to limit to its base foldout.
    This feature can help you to stay focused on one part of the settings, in case you get lost :)
  • Schematics: Date and Time
    There are some new nodes available to perform more date and time related tasks.
    Due to float variables being unprecise for these huge numbers, you can now store a date and time as a string variable to store a precise date/time value. The new nodes can be used to change and check date/time strings.
    The nodes are available in Value > Date and Time. There's also a new string field value type to use the current date/time.
  • Schematics: WWW Nodes
    New nodes available using the WWW Unity class. You can call an URL and store its result, or load a texture into one of the textures set up in the schematic, using the new texture in following nodes.
    All WWW nodes can optionally store the progress of the download into a float variable (e.g. to show a download bar HUD).
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