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Hi people, i need some little he lp!
When i use Ability to apply Status effects, multiple tags are showing up.
In the example below "Strenghten and Speed Up" are stacked over each other when ability "Boost" is used.

I have tried to disable notifications for the status effects, but this did not help. Am i missed something?
Help much appreciated!
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  • Hi

    This looks like the Notification on each Status Effect. Look at the Notification for each of your Status Effect, Strengthen and Speed up.

    I asked this same question a long time ago. GiL (ork dev) replied here. forum.makinom.com/discussion/2067/solved-status-effect-notifcation#latest

    His reply was this:
    gamingislove said: If you want to disable them for individual status effects, enable Own Notification in the Notification Settings of the status effect. Disable Show Add Notification and Show Remove Notification.

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  • Exactly what i needed! Thank you!
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