Hi. So i tried to apply FPS controller from standard assets from unity. Level starts. I can walk, run but i can move only horizontally. Its like somehow locked and i cant find any workaround. Can you please give me some advice? Thank you :)
  • If I recall right, in the editor you have to let ORK know you're using that. I've used different controllers with ORK and never had a problem.
  • Thx for reply. Well i followed tutorial with setting up custom controlls, but it doesnt work somehow :D everything works except vertical movement with mouse :) and im at the dead end with trying to make it work.
  • Often with first person controller setups, they treat horizontal turning as character movement and vertical turning as camera movement.
    Check the controller object and its children to see if they use more than 1 script for combined character and camera movement/rotation.
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