I've sifted through a few threads here but wondering if anyone is using World Streamer successfully in ORK and what sort of issues/considerations/etc. you've encountered.

I was originally using Unity terrains in my game, moved to low poly meshes but am back to a mix of Unity terrain & low poly since I found hand assembling the low poly terrains to be time excessively consuming for larger biomes and tedious to adjust for buildings that need flat spaces.

With World Streamer or a similar streaming asset I'd like to have larger open world style biomes but was wondering if the player instantiation and world mover might need some workarounds for ORK.
  • I was wondering about this very thing as my terrain is 150001x 150001x :3 much vertex jiggly wiggly
  • I should have updated this thread with my initial findings.

    In my early tests, ORK worked fine with World Streamer except for a Combatant Spawner issue where the spawners were not being killed when the player exited a streaming area. it would keep instantiating the spawner and fill the area with combatants.

    Gil fixed that quickly and from what I could tell, it seemed to work fine.

    I had terrain streaming in one layer, buildings/props in another and all ORK manager objects and similar gameobjects in the suggested setup.

    I was having a problem with my Compass Navigator Pro asset registering POIs but need to go back and check on that.

    My world is only 9,000 x 9,000 so I have not attempted a larger one and checked for physics breakdown at the edges.

    I still need to tinker with it further but to date it seemed like it was going to be a viable solution.
  • Glad to hear positives info on it. Any tips on how to set it up with how ork spawns the players?
  • When I get home this evening I will check my testing scene and post the setup here.

    I know it took me some trial and error because the worldspace positioning seemed off and the player was popping up in the sky and falling down to the world.

    That's using the standard setup and not the floating point hack btw. Are you wanting to go with the actual world mover method?
  • The World Mover method seems to be the safest route in my case since I need the looping world.
    I appreciate you taking the time!
  • Ok, I'll attempt to implement the floating point hack with ORK and get back to you.
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    @paulgswanson So, I did some rudimentary testing tonight using Brown Pants.

    I made a huge 15,000 x 15,000 terrain composed of 1000 units per terrain object with relatively high amounts of detail/variation in the "work" scene, added some basic shapes and objects from ProBuilder and an ORK combatant spawner.

    In the streamer scene I set it up for a World Mover and it was actually just a matter of dropping that prefab into the scene. I expected it to be difficult but it was painless and the ORK scene loads right in.

    I think I walked Brown Pants for at least twenty minutes to test the co-ordinate looping and sure enough when he gets about 550+ units from 0 the coordinates reset.

    I noticed a hiccup as I crossed some stream borders and a new terrain was loaded but I think this is due to my settings. (EDIT: This does not occur in actual builds apparently. Build seemed smooth.)

    I need to test it further I think with more landmarks in the terrain and some ORK components scattered throughout the world.

    So far it's doing what it's supposed to but there might need to be some adjustments involved when certain ORK components come into play.
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  • Very nice! Thank you! Iv been pretty worried about something going terribly wrong. In a very nonrecoverable way. I'll go ahead and set it up right away!
  • There are some caveats in the workflow when setting up your world of course. In fact I am building out most of my stuff in one big scene before doing the final slice thing. Once you slice it all into actual scene files things might become more difficult to go back and adjust, particularly terrain.

    They have an individual scene workaround thing for any adjustments and further work you do post-slicing but it doesn't help me due to how my terrain is created in Terrain Composer.

    I think adjusting the streamer grid size is something I need to look into more also. Initially I set up quite small blocks for it to slice my buildings and spawners into. That means they have a smaller boundary and will suddenly pop into place right as you wander up on some of them. I'm guessing that it might be better to make Unity terrain chunks smaller (like 512) but also loading grids larger and find a healthy balance so world objects don't just pop into view and slap you in the face.

    Might be better visually to load larger grid blocks in a kind of "zone" so to speak, like loading most of a village at once rather than every building separately.

    Again, probably needs a lot of tweaking on a per-game basis but it seems to work so far in regards to function.
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