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Yes i'm still using legacy. :)

Has anyone been able to adjust the Walk animation speed when a status effect is cast?

My player gets a speed boost or slow movement effect and they move slower or faster but the animation does not play at all. The character animation freezes in the position they were when the effect was cast on them. It resumes playing once the status effect is gone.

I have tried a few things in the event and status effect window (own animation) nothing so far. I have a Walk animation on my character prefab, just need it to play Faster or Slower

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    Still legacy here too :D
    That's weird. The "own animation" in the status effect will usually do the job.
    Only one reason I could think of why the walk animation is not playing is because in the "own animation" when you put in a different animation setting, in that animation setting, you didn't set up the walk animation correctly. Did you make sure in other animation setting, the name of the animation and the speed are correct?
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  • Thanks for the tips - I believe there is an underlying problem with my setup.

    I've tested a bit. Even if I increase the animation speed of the normal walk it does not play the animation faster. If it's at 1, 3 or even 9 the animation plays at the same speed when walking normally. I will need to fix this first in order to get the Speed boost or Slow effect to work. I could always try adjusting the animation itself in blender.

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    Ok so i've found out Ork is using the Run Animation Type for my regular walking. So by adjusting the Run Animation Type speed my normal walking is increased.

    I've since created a 2nd Animation for the boost. Added only the Walk and Run animation Types and increased their speeds. Changed the Own Animation of the status effect.

    Character still freezes in pose. Speed of the movement is increased properly.

    I'm currently looking at the Combatant animation section, seeing the Threshold area..it may be the answer as the description says it plays X animation when at X speed etc..
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    @artainx Heyo, not sure if setting the animation speed through ORK has the same limitations, but when I preview animations the speed slider can range from 0.1 (10x slower) and 2 (twice as fast). Have your tried setting the animation speed to 2? Seems like you've tested 1, 3, and 9.

    You can also set your animation speed to a formula that consumes a movement speed status value and does some math to convert that speed to the appropriate animation speed scalar. That way your status effects don't have to override animations, and allows you to have multiple speed boost status effects that can play nicely together.

    For example, I set my attack speed to a status value and weapons I equip set that value, equipment can apply percentage modifiers to it, etc. I then use a formula to convert that down to seconds since status values can't seem to store decimal points. Then in my battle events I set the animation speed for attack to: base animation speed/attack speed = animation speed scalar.

    So assume a 1 second animation. And I have a 1.5 second attack speed.

    1/1.5 = 0.66667 animation speed to make it play out over 1.5 seconds instead of 1.

    Movement speed would be a bit different but you should be able to accomplish something similar.
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  • Thanks for the reply @Nickamus unfortunately I don't really understand what you mean. The 1,3,9 are just examples. I've tried numbers from 1-20

    My status effect does 1 thing, Increase Walk and Run speed. I have checked Own Animation, even unchekced it does not play any animation while moving. The idle works when I stop moving however.

    There must be something I'm missing between the movement Speed Boost or Slow effect and the animations. When speed or slow is active I move slower or faster and the idle animation continues to play if I don't move. Only the Run / Walk animation stop until the Effect is gone.

    Has anyone done this in Ork? If so, how did you get your animations to play faster or slower upon status effect?
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  • @artainx alright that's fine, just wanted to see if the animation preview limits were actual animation speed limits or just interface limits. Forget that part of it.

    First and foremost, what kind of game are you making? What I am suggesting might be heavy handed for you, but if it's common or likely that the player might be effected by multiple move speed effects simultaneously, I would do it like I am outlining below.

    Make your movement speed a status value. Have your status effect apply bonuses or penalties to that value (probably by percentage). Set up a formula that converts that status value to the actual speed of your character. Example - maybe your movement speed is the time it takes to move one unit in Unity. So if your base move speed is 5, your move speed is 0.2 (since a speed of 5 means 5 units/second). I don't think you can put in 0.2 as a value for a status value, so you will have to put in 2 and in the formula divide it by 10 to get the actual value.

    Set up a formula for your movement animations that converts that speed into an animation scalar (the formula will depend on how you set up your movement speed). Instead of picking value in the animation speed section, choose formula and select your formula.

    This should scale the speed of your movement animations in line with the scaling of your actual movement speed without requiring you to override your animations in every status effect.

    I know it's a fair bit to take in. I am going to be doing this in my own game, probably tonight after work. When it is done I can try and detail how I did it.

    If you don't want to do any of this, I think you need to look more into how you set up your animations. If they aren't playings it's likely because ORK can't find them to play them. I do want to reiterate that your approach might be a kluge if you have several status effects that modify speed at the same time. Which one will win the animation override war? That might be neatly handled by ORK, but I would be surprised.
  • @artainx


    I just wanted to let you know that the system I outlined above is 100% implemented in my game and working perfectly. I did make a small correction to the values and formulas, but the fundamentals are exactly as I said.

    I apply a haste status effect which adds a move speed bonus to my character and bam, his animations and speed increase exactly proportionally. Same for an Enfeeblement status debuff - slows my character down enough to get him to lapse into his walk animation, which is also scaled exactly proportional to his speed.

    it didn't seem like you were too keen on my answer and wanted to go with the animation override way of doing things, which is fine. I just wanted to let you know that I have tested out the theory I set forth and it works flawlessly, and was fully implemented in less than two hours (including testing and figuring out the best way to do it)

    if you want any more information about exactly what I did, I would be glad to detail it. Otherwise, I hope someone can chime in with what you need!
  • @Nickamus

    Thanks for the details! I'll have to try this out ASAP, really appreciate the info! Looks like a good method.

    I might pm you at some point for info.

    Currently I'm touching up an animation for the character but after that it'll be ready.
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    While on the topic of animations, When my character jumps the animations is good, if the character jumps immediately after landing the animations doesn't play this time. If he immediately jumps a 3rd time it plays. What setting would be best to fix this.

    I am using the Ork character controls. I have added 0.5 delay for the inputkey Jump. Seems to help and doesn't affect my gameplay.

    Is there a method to have the animation repeat every single time I jump without this inputkey delay?

    I have tried Blend, Crossfade but none make the animation play that second time. The animation isn't being run if I jump immediately after jumping.

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