Has anyone implemented a point buy system for stats and abilities like what you see in Diablo 2? Essentially on level up you can get some points to put into strength or vitality, and then a point to put into an ability to increase its level or unlock other abilities in the tree.

Thanks in advance for any tips/tricks or just pointing me in the right direction!
  • It's possible, I use the status value upgrade screen for lvl ups. Then you make abilities only available according to certain requirements, ie, other abilities/lvl. Requires some tweaking but it works.
  • @UserName

    Groovy, thx for the input! do you know where I can find more info about the status value upgrade screen? Pretty new to ORK and haven't seen all of its fiddly bits yet.
  • Status value upgrades are defined in the Status Development that's used by your combatant. Beside the definition of curves, you can add upgrade settings, which can be used by the player with a Status Value Upgrade menu screen part.
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