Trying to set up a character creation scenario, but I can't get it to find my combatant. Simplifying this down to the most basic point for testing, I create my first node as an Add Combatant node set to...

Object- Actor
Actor- 0: Scene Object

Battle type is real time, Faction is 0 and Combatant is set to one that I've setup with a range of stat values. My next node is a Join Active Group.

Group Origin- Active Player Group

Combatant- Actor
Actor- 0: Scene object

Then I move into a Check Status node branching into two dialogue options. I set the condition to Equal, strength, value 10 (the same value I've set for my combatant), but the 'Failed' dialogue choice is the only branch I'm able to trigger. What do I need to do to have my character creation scenario reference my combatant so that I can make and save changes?
  • Is the Scene Object actor actually selected in the Event Interaction component using the event?
    For this actor, you'll need to define which game object from the scene is used.
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  • Eureka! I wasn't sure what you meant at first, but started looking around and discovered what to do. For anyone, like myself, who might have fumbled over this crucial step in one of the tutorials, you need to open your Event Settings node (the very first one) and, for myself anyway, the solution was to scroll down to where it says Event Actors (add actor zero if it isn't there I suppose) and change 'Type' to Player rather than Object.

    I also have, under 'Name Settings', the 'Use Scene Object' box checked, though I can't recall whether I checked this intuitively myself or whether it's automatic, nor can I say whether it's necessary-it's just the only other additional thing that's checked. Nor can I say at this point what the features, 'Use Root' box, the 'Child Object' empty field, or 'Set Name' box might be used for, but perhaps our friend GIL-the handy acronym who apparently runs this show-might decide to respond once more and better explain. For my purposes, this issue is effectively solved, and I'm grateful for the help. Cheers.
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    There's actually the Help Box available in the lower left corner of the editor to give you information on every single setting when you hover over it :)

    Use Root will use the root object of a game object (i.e. the lowest object in the game object's hierarchy).
    The Child Object setting allows you to define a child object of the used game object (e.g. spine/head).
    Set Name allows you to define a name for the actor that'll be used in dialogues.
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