How do I go about getting an item's stats from script? I can grab a list of what a combatant has equipped and it is trivial to grab things like price or things of that nature. But I'm drawing a blank when it comes accessing stats like ATK or DEX or any custom bonuses generally.

I'm using my own combat/movement system but I'm trying to determine if ORK can handle the basic RPG-systems side of things. I just need to add some simple int data and then grab it from individual equipped pieces via script to feed into my own systems. I presumed I could do that by adding custom stats and without having to re-engineer what ORK does. But it's not jumping out at me right away how to do this.

So is there a way I can access the specific stats on any given piece of equipment?
  • Since there are multiple sources for an equipment's stats to come from, there's no direct access to the stats. The GetBonus function of the EquipShortcut class (i.e. an instance of an equipment, e.g. equipped on a combatant's equipment part) allows you to get all combined bonuses, e.g.:

    StatusPreviewInformation info = new StatusPreviewInformation(null);
    combatant.Equipment[0].Equipment.GetBonus(ref info);

    The StatusPreviewInformation class has public access to all different bonuses provided by the equipment. Please note that status value bonuses are seprated in value and percent bonuses.
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  • That's unfortunate. I do appreciate your prompt reply, thank you!
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