Can a menu displaying a list of stats be configured to show only the ones with values over a certain number? Additionally, I'm wondering if it's possible to sort a list by numerical values, from highest to lowest, lowest to highest, etc.
  • If you're using HUD elements to display the stat data (e.g. a Combatant menu part), you can set up requirements for the element to be displayed. You'll have to set up a HUD element for each individual stat you want to display.

    For the sorting you'll have to do some custom scripting - there's also no general way to display a list of just any numerical values.
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  • Thanks, the elements feature is what I'm currently using to manage it. I can have each element display a single stat and then set it to display only if the value is greater than zero, then place it where I want using the GUI editor feature. Of course, the problem with this is that it just leaves a gaping hole where a value is less than zero. I can think of two possible workarounds for this. One involves custom scripting, and the other is to simply gut it out and fill each sloth with all of the stats I might wish to display which could have a value less than 1. Since I'm only concerned about implementing this feature for my skill system, and there's only about 69 of them, I'd say I've got about a 50/50 shot of retaining my sanity opting for the second route. On the other hand, it's a mad world.
  • I'll add optional value checks for status value HUD elements in the next update. For attack/defence attributes they're already available.
    This will let you show only those values that match defined value conditions, e.g. stats between 20 and 30.

    Regarding the gaping holes when something isn't shown, there's the Use Last Element and the anchor settings for this. Using the last element for placement will position the HUD element based on the previously shown HUD element (and the anchors).
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  • LOL, Thank You! I'll set the remainder of this task off to the side and try to think of yesterday as some sort of crazy bad dream.
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