Is there currently a way to have requirements check for which abilities are being cast, or to check the status of a target rather than the user to see if an effect should be removed?
  • Status requirements can't check for an ability being cast, they're used mostly for more permanent status checks, e.g. knowing an ability or current equipment.

    Status effect changes in abilities (and items) can check the user or the target.
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  • Thanks, I might be going about things the wrong way then. My objective was to create a status effect called 'Engaged' that would block all combatants either attacking or being attacked with a melee weapon, and to have it end when all the surrounding combatants were incapacitated (i.e., no longer engaged in melee against the surviving character). It's become a moot point as of yesterday though, because after I replaced the combatant object I've been using with a spawner, combat no longer triggers. Nothing I've tried so far has managed to fix this issue, and I can't remember what I did to get it to work before. Tried working through the tutorials again, but there's either something I'm missing or a setting I'd previously tweaked that's preventing combat from triggering. Here's what's happening:

    -Combatants appear to spawn without an interaction controller (when I pause the game and click their object, I don't see anything. Nor any object variables). I set up the interaction controller (which, correct me if I'm wrong, should automatically include a collider and rigid body) to automatically apply via the tutorial steps, so not sure what prevents it from spawning.

    -Placing a new combatant and using the scene manager to give it a controller no longer works either. When I click on the object, my player moves forward until it butts against and then circles around trying to reach the object's center, where I'd clicked (so maybe there is a collider of some sort there). The spawned combatant and placed combatant remain perfectly still. Also, the spawned combatant is sometimes hanging in mid-air. Only sometimes.

    -AI isn't working, period. Neither the Hunt nor combat AI seem to trigger. The combat AI has been reduced to the simplest possible procedure: it just goes straight to 'none'.

    -I created a new attack, modeled after the tutorial example, and set it as the base attack for both combatants. It doesn't even use formulas, I just set the attack value to 100 and gave it a target status change to 4. Range template is set to 1. Nothing happens.

    -A final note: My battles are set to occur in Real Time using Active Time. I set up the whole field scene as a Real Time area (recent change), then replaced it with a set area like I'd been using, and now it's Real Time again since I'd prefer it that way and the area wasn't working either.
  • The interaction controller is only needed for the player to interact with others (and usually added automatically when set up that way). Other combatants don't use an interaction controller.

    Generally, if no fight starts with your spawned enemy combatants, make sure they're:
    - set to be in a faction that is an enemy to the player
    - the spawned combatants are also set to real time when using a real time area
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  • Thanks for the response. The battle setting was indeed preventing combat from initializing, but that begs the question of how I should go about overlaying those two systems to work together. And there are some other problems...

    -The spawned combatant hangs in the air and gives a message 'does nothing'. Auto-attack begins on the player end when I manually move into range (it's suppose to move on its own to the target, but apparently I haven't set that feature correctly), but the combatant never does anything except take damage and eventually die.

    -As mentioned, setting the spawner's battle setting to Real Time causes their object to hover immobile above the ground. This would be due to the stop-out phase of the 'Hunt' AI and the fact I've placed their spawner in close proximity to where my player spawns, yet when I pause and check it says they aren't targeting anything. I suppose that means they recognize the player as a target but then forget, although if that were the case I'd expect their Hunt AI to resume, so something else is probably going on. Spawning them with an active time setting causes them to wander around aimlessly, as they should, but of course I can't target them nor vice-versa.

    -This isn't a comment, but a question: how do you recommend that I set up my combat system to overlay Real Time and Active Time? I've read on multiple occasions where you state this is possible through ORK, but how, and which settings will I need to tweak to what values?

    -How and where would you recommend I set up an event so that combatants will automatically move into a specific melee range? It will need to run a check against a stat, variable and/or formula value (covering my bases for now) to determine a proximal distance between the target where it will need to stop. In other words, I need them to check for the greatest attacking range held either by themselves or the target, and then have both combatants stop at that range and attack each other, or one attack the other while they generate random values attempting to move into their own attacking range.
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