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Hi Community,

I am trying to figure out the feasibility for ORK to add items and/or abilities dynamically.

What I am thinking is like:
1) Implement a web API to provide an ORK item/ability
2) ORK calls this API whenever the application being opened
3) If API returns an ORK item/ability, then add it into ORK item/ability database
4) Through ORK UI menu; scanning item/ability database and display the new item
5) Click on the item/ability to add to ORK inventory/learn the new ability

Would that be possible out of box?
If no, would that be possible by adding extra nodes in ORK?
If no, would that be possible by modifying a relevant portion of gameplay code?

Thanks for any insights!
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  • Hi GIL,

    I know you're probably busy with something. We have looked into this for couple days now but still don't have a clue. I am sure it would be greatly helpful if you can provide any insight. Could you take a look when you have spare time, please?

  • Generally, adding stuff to the data on the fly is no problem, however this will not be saved anywhere (e.g. in a save game).

    You can add new data like this (e.g. for an item):
    int id = ORK.Items.Add();
    Item item = ORK.Items.Get(id);
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  • Thanks for the pointers.

    Would that be possible to make it persisted though? E.g. by leveraging other systems like Makinom?
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