Hopefully this'll be the last time I need to ask for help of late. But I'm having a problem where all of my characters, both the player controlled one and all NPCs, are floating. It's true in every scene. They look like they're about .05-.06 unity units off the ground. I'm having the problem with the characters that ORK spawns and characters I place in the scene (If I try to correct it for the characters I place in the scene they shoot through the floor.) This could definitely be a unity problem and not an ORK problem though. Any ideas or advice would be welcome.
  • While playing - hit pause and check one of the combatant's game object by selecting it in the scene view. Might be that the character controller (or whatever collider you're using) is placed incorrectly.

    The built-in player controls need a character controller, i.e. it'll add one automatically to the player if it isn't already availalable, usually leading to it being placed incorrectly. But that's just for the player ...
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