I'm a tad bit confused with three aspects of the move into direction node:

Time, Speed and Vector 3

I assume that in these cases, Vector 3 is a point in space, relative from the option you choose (correct me if I'm wrong)
Case 1
So game object A is placed in 1,1 coordinate. Vector 3 is 0,-13,0, speed is 0.1 and time is 1. Gameobject stops moving shortly after I played, so I'm assuming the time aspect is the time before the Gameobject stops moving, until . . .
Case 2
Same position and vector 3. Speed is 0.1. Time is 10. After more than 10 seconds, it stops at 0,-12 again, which disproves my theory in case 1, thus I assumed that it moves until it reaches the Vector 3 point.
Case 3,
Same position, Vector 3 is 0,-1,0 same speed and time. Gameobject stops at 0, -5.7 or something so my theory in case 2 is again disproven.

I will appreciate if anyone will elaborate those three. I can manage with adjusting, and trial-and-error but I will have more control if I can actually calculate the actual speed. Thanks!
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    The Vector3 value is a direction, since this node moves something into a direction :)
    E.g. X=0, Y=0, Z=1 would usually move something forward.

    The Time defines the time in seconds the game object will move into the direction.

    The Speed defines the movement speed of the game object, if it's a combatant, it'll use the combatant's selected speed type (e.g. run speed), otherwise it'll use the defined speed value.
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  • @gamingislove thanks for clarifying everything. Now I get it. You're awesome! Keep up the good work
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