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I'm trying to make some status effects and abilities with this tutorial:

But it doesn't seem to work. I have a "boost" ability set up to apply "ATK up" effect on my character.
When I use "boost" ability in battle, animation plays, but I can't see my status effect applied ("Combatant Component" > "Status Effect" bar is empty in inspector).

Tutorial says:

"Status Condition

We want to increase ATK and DEF by 15 when the effect is applied, so we need two conditions.

1st status condition:

Status Value
Select ATK.

Value Type
Select Value.

Set to 15.

Select Add.

Set In
Select Value.

Set On
Select Cast.

I did it like that, but I don't have an option "set on cast", only "set on apply".
Is it the same option, or am I missing something?

Also I noticed, in "boost" ability settings, if I set "Use Cost > auto consume > no", my ability never consumes MP. It will consume MP only if I set "Use Cost > auto consume > always".

What can I be doing wrong?

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  • Yes, set on Cast is Apply, I'll update the tutorial with the new names :)
    However, that's not your issue - if the effect isn't listed in the combatant's component, it's not applied, regardless of what changes it applies. Make sure your boost ability actually applies the status effect to the target.

    As for the use costs, the Auto Consume setting is there to let you select if the use costs will automatically be consumed when the ability is used (i.e. before the battle events):
    - No: Only when the ability outcome is calculated or through the event system.
    - Without Targets: When the ability is used without targets (e.g. 'None' target range).
    - Always: The use costs will always be consumed when the ability is used.

    Usually you don't have to change that setting :)

    Anyway, since your use costs aren't consumed by the No setting, I'd guess that your battle event doesn't calculate the ability outcome (using a Calculate node), i.e. this is why the effect isn't applied and the costs not consumed.
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  • Thanks, that was my mistake, totally forgot about this step.
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