Im making tutorials for a 2 days in a row and at least came to first battle.
But i have 2 of my similar first hero inside it. My brain cant solve this at the moment, may you please show me this checkbox, where i may switch of one of heroes. )))
  • My guess would be that in this tutorial

    Way down, when it listed two options of adding the start event to the game, you added the two methods instead of just choosing one.
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    Yeah, true ))) Fixed. Thanx a lot. )

    Now i have another problem:

    My "Description" box disappered in inventory menu screen. I have it in abilities and equipment, but not have in inventory, even all setups is similar... )
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    I will post here my problems, maby sombody may help me and somebody other will find answer for himself.


    My weapon and armor icons in the equipment menu and in the shop are so big and i cant find place where to make them smaller.


    And weapons not shown in hands of player, damn... = Fixed, by removing weapont out of hands, they was there like in usual unity hero construction.

    Also, now i looking where is Exp is gaininig, cause im not taking it after battle. = Fixed. There wasnt exep reward on mob, it disapeared, dunno why...

    Positioning of information in Esc menu is in correct = check constrains in tutorial, looks like they are incorrect.

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  • If your Description menu part hasn't Always Visible enabled, it'll be hidden if the selected choice (e.g. an item type or an item in your inventory) doesn't have a description.

    As for the icon size - you can define that in the various Content Layout options of the menu screens. E.g. for the items, there's the Item Content Layout in the Item Box Settings.
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  • Yeah, i find somwhere this icons, but dont remember where ))
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