I made everything like in tutorial and then got this:

Parameter '' does not exist.
UnityEngine.Animator:SetFloat(String, Single)
ORKFramework.Animations.MecanimAutoRotationParameter:SetParameter(Animator, Single)
ORKFramework.Combatant:Tick(Single, Single)
  • Check Base/Control > Animations if you've enabled one of the Auto Rotation Parameters in the Mecanim Settings of one of your animations. You probably have one enabled without defining the name of the parameter (or the name of a parameter that isn't set up in the animator controller).
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    Lol, now problem become bigger, unity said to me that "there is too many open files", and after restart i have main screen with playing music and nothing more, when i press "playgame" there come black screen. And also no animation of characters on main screen is played.

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ORKFramework.GUIHandler.ShowGUI ()
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  • Hm, that's really strange, never had or heard of this error ...

    Check your project's time scale in Edit > Project Settings > Time in the Unity menu. It should be set to 1 - if it's 0 it means that time isn't progressing (e.g. screen not fading in, animations stopped, etc.).
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  • Ok, ill try next time it comes, now i remade fully all my project make all tutorials one more time and optimised some parts )
  • How i like your ORK, you cant even imagine! I may make game without coder, im realy now alone indie developer )) My coder is making business application now and i may wait for him without stress like before, just preparing my own concept scenery and design parts.

    Btw, you should collaborate with some artist and change eggs to cool chars if you want to increase sales of ORK, and also check dungeon architects. Im playing with this thing, its so cool. Its like design nodes. Dont think its very difficult for you with your coding skills.
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