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1. I implemented a status value upgrade system, wich is working great, but the preview for the stats is not working. this greatly detracts from the feel of the system
Here you can see the same HUD displaying the preview number in the equipment menu (the bold numbers represent an increase).
2. The background of empty HUD elements is displayed, even though there is nothing there, this greatly limits the flexibility of the GUI sistem, since (as far as i know) this is the only way to easily put images into your HUDs, this has inmurable uses, but since you cannot conditionaly hide them, i've had to resort to creating currencies so that i can use the icons as images on my HUDs, this is far from ideal.

Hopefully im missing something, but if not, could the abilty to hide the background along with his HUD element be added?
Thanks in advance.
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    I can't see your images, so it's mostly guessing for now.

    1) How's your upgrade system set up? E.g. are you using a custom system with game events or custom code or the built-in status development with a status value upgrade screen?

    2) Are the empty HUD elements just empty (i.e. no content set up, like an empty text field) or hidden due to set up conditions?
    Generally, there's the Display Empty Elements setting to manage showing empty HUD elements and the Hide Empty HUD setting to hide the HUD if no HUD element is displayed (both found in the general settings of that HUD type).
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    1. Im using the build in status development, the upgrades are set up in status development and applied in a menu screen menu part.

    2. For this use, they are hidden via requirements, since they need to be able to be displayed under certain conditions (when a combatant is dead for example).
    Display Empty Elements doesn't affect the background, wich is displayed even when the element is hidden.
    Hide Empty HUD can only hide the entire hud, not individual elements.
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  • 1) Status development upgrades currently don't show previews.

    2) Ok, I'll look into it - sounds more like a bug.
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    1. i see, that's a shame.

    2. alright, that's great.

    On another note, im using the prefab viewer portraits, and its really good, very happy with it. but i found an issue, when using "set prefab" in a combatant, the equipment viewers dissapear, im guessing this is because there is no combatant component attached to it.

    Reasons to have a different prefab for the viewers include using unscaled time and setting up specific animations.
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    I can work around the prefab viewer portraits issue, but though you should know, since it's not mentioned in the tutorial.

    It seems like there is a problem with a bugfix from one of the preview patches:
    Weapons, Armors: Equipment Abilities
    Fixed an issue where equipping the same equipment twice (on different equipment parts) and removing one of them removed the equipment ability, although it should still be there from the other equipment.
    when you equip 1 or 2 of the same equipment, it works as intended, but when equiping 3, you only have the ability 2 times, and uppon unequiping 2 of the equipments you don't have the ability even though you still have one equipment that grants it.
    when you have 4 of the same equipment you only have the ability 3 times.

    thats how far my test went, i don't know why it's acting like this, but this is a crucial part of my system, so please take a look at it, when you have the time.
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