I have a script which activates my custom UI that I need to trigger on store closure. I am not seeing anything in the api or any events actions that allow me to do so. Is the close store call accessible either in code or otherwise?
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    If you right click on the grid in the Event editor you should see: UI -> Menu
    Then you have 4 options: Open/Close Menus or Shops.
    So if you've opened the store as part of an Event, you just need an Open Menu node at the end.


    If by "custom UI" you mean a Canvas you made that's not in the ORK Framework window,
    then you just need to activate the Canvas's game object.
    This can be done in an Event (Game Object -> Game Object -> Activate Game Object) or in code.

    Let me know if I've misunderstood your question or if you need any more help.

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  • Works, thank you very much! Never would have found that on my own.
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