Hey guys i have one more question. Im trying to make a game where the main combatant (the player) is the leader of a team but doesnt actually participate in battle, this is done by the other party members. Im curious if there is a simple way to make it so only the party members fight in battles but not the actual player. Thanks guys.
  • That's pretty easy to do in the event system, after having the player combatant join the active group (i.e. after the Join Active Group node):
    - use a Leave Battle Group node to have the combatant leave the battle group
    - use a Hide Member node to hide the combatant from HUDs/UI and group menus

    This results in the player still running around in the field, but not being part of the battle or visible in menus/HUDs. If your battles take place in the same scene as the player runs around, you might want to destroy the player's game object in the battle start event (and spawn it again in the battle end events).
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  • Im using a different scene for battles so that should work perfect. Thanks.
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