I'm trying to create a overview map of the game world that can be used to "fast travel" to different scenes. I'd like to include it in a menu. Are there any tutorials on how to do this?
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    Here's a good tutorial to do a mini map, you could tweak the settings to change the size and position, and to make it hidden until you call it. For the fast travel.. I'm not sure, but maybe make empty GUI boxes over the locations, as part of the map menu screen, that act as buttons for a teleport event? I'm still pretty fresh in ORK, but that might work.

    D'oh, forgot to include the link:
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  • There's no tutorial for this, but it'll involve setting up that map (e.g. a 3D model or a new UI image) with the fast travel stuff (e.g. using event interactions on the fast travel points).

    Including it in a menu could be done by spawning the map prefab in the open game event and destroying it in the close game event of the menu screen.
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