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I'm relatively new to ORK Framework, but I've been coding for a loooong time. In any case, I got ORK because I felt it was useful to have a visual editor for things like items, abilities etc. I'm building a 3D tactical combat game and I've sort of hit a roadblock which might be simple to more experienced users of ORK, but has me completely stumped over the last two days.
Basically, I have a randomly generated set of terrain tiles (my own code) which I overlay the battle grid on (square grid). All that works just fine. I just can't get the game to trigger combatant placement, or even start an autostart battle. The only thing that's happening is my camera is displaying the map in an overhead view, but nothing comes up from ORK regarding menus. i even tried doing a debug on the BattleStartEvent, but it didn't return anything making me think the event isn't even being called. Can anyone help me?
  • Bit confused if this problem is specific to your custom terrain scene or project in general. Where you able to make grid battles work in your project in some other scenes?
    Are you generating the ORK grid with your code or just terrain?
    By overhead camera do you mean that battle camera is triggered but the combatant won't spawn? Or the battle does not start at all?

  • Haven't managed to make them work at all as yet. Only thing I've managed to do is spawn the grid and dynamically update it with the terrain-type of the particular tile using the ORK framework grid cell settings. So where my tile is water, the grid tile type defined in OK's window will display the tile type as water etc.
    I have been trying to see if I could force the Battle Start Event to call through script:
    still nothing.
    I've even confirmed that the active group has the player and the unit, and that the player is removed from the battle group. Not sure why the battle start event isn't calling though. Can you perhaps provide me with a stepwise logical progression of what the Start Event looks for? There's no hints in the console or from ORK itself.
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    I should also note that the terrain isn't actually terrain, it's tiles:
    The overhead camera is controlled from my own script, it's not an ORK camera. I tried adding a dialogue node to the Battle Start Event that is supposed to trigger right after it starts, but there was no response, making me believe that the event never triggered.
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    The very first thing I would suggest is that you make Grid Battles work using ORK's own tools. This would eliminate the possibility that something is setup incorrectly in ORK Project settings.

    The first thing you need to do is do a basic setup of ORK if you have not done so already. You can either import ORK Demo Project and experiment from it or follow these tutorials and adapt from there: http://orkframework.com/tutorials/game/

    Second, you need to setup Grid Battles: http://orkframework.com/tutorial/gameplay/grid-battles-part-1/

    the second tutorial shows how to setup ORK's battle starter gameobject: http://orkframework.com/tutorial/gameplay/grid-battles-part-2/

    There are just too many things that could go wrong in the setup step, so it's better to make sure you have done everything correctly.

    If you can make Grid Battles work using ORK, then try to eliminate possible problems in your scene. Try un-edited ORK Grid to see if that works, also try starting battle using battle component.

    That should nail down where the problem is happening. Otherwise it's just too many reasons that could be the cause.

    If you have bought the ORK Framework, there is a source code zip file "gameplay_source_code" in "ORK Framework" folder, that should also simplify things.
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  • Thanks dude, will try that out and report back. I was trying to avoid doing a complete setup of the demo scene, I was only extracting the bits of it I thought I needed. I guess I should probably try it and see if it works from scratch. Thanks for the help.
  • You are welcome.
    It's better to go through setup at least once, ORK has many moving parts and easy to miss something.

    What you can also try is import demo scene in a new Project, there is unity Package in ORK Framework folder, alternatively there there is also version here http://orkframework.com/showcase/.
    And then add grid to that (http://orkframework.com/tutorial/gameplay/grid-battles-part-1/)
    This will give you a fully setup ORK project, so every time you doubt whether it's your bug or ORK's you can replicate in Demo project and make sure. This approach saved me quite a bit of time when I started with ORK.
  • Will try this method, since it beats having to root out bugs from the tutorial and try to figure out why certain things aren't working. The tutorial does skip a few steps here and there, I suppose because it seems obvious, but to someone who's brand new to it, the steps are somewhat necessary to figure out things.
  • Okay, so i downloaded the project. Set it up. Got all the basic stuff working. Set up the grid. Got combatants spawning. Now the move command (which I used directly from the grid prefabs provided, no change) shows up as unselectable in the menu. I don't quite know where I went wrong here as I followed everything. Even went back through it twice. Help again?
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    Do you get only move command undetectable or attacks and abilities too?

    That could due to move range/ap costs of the grid cells and combatants default options for that.
    1) Make sure grid cell types are not set to be blocked or have high move/ap costs
    2) Make sure the grid you spawned is not populated by blocked cell types.
    3) Make sure Move range is not set to 0 in Battle Grid Settings https://i.imgur.com/pgiTEZn.png or that you have not enabled "Own Grid Range" for combatants. if you use action point costs check that too.
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