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I'm having a hell of a time trying get the sprites for my game to show up when I start a battle in another scene. The main character shows up fine on the field map, the battle transitions just fine into the next scene but none of the combatant sprites show up. I've checked all the settings that I can think of that relate to rotation, look at, etc. however nothing has worked.

Do I have to set up battle animations before doing a battle, or should the sprites in the combatant's prefab section just show up?

I'm stumped, and I have to move this project along for class.

Thanks for all the great help as usual.
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  • I solved this by realizing that I had a backwards understanding of 2D sorting layers. [facepalm]

    My background layer was in front of the combatant sprites. Well, lesson learned.
  • If something isn't visible, check your scene hierarchy if the game object is actually spawned - that's usually the fastest way to check if the issue is with spawning or something else :)
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