After stumbling a bit with turn based combat in my development cycle, I've discovered the ORK framework and I must admit, I am rather impressed by what's offered. It's nice to see so many features available such as effects, formulas, inventory, etc.

What I am curious about though, is it possible to use Grid based combat for a roguelike game and if so, would I need to change a lot or can it be done relatively easy? Instead of turn-based combat, I need to have the whole game turn-based and in a grid. Player should still be able to interact with objects, talk with characters, and do everything else in this state. I just wanted a more advanced turn based combat, so Player wasn't limited to attacking on click, but could talk to enemies, examine them, etc. It seems like this might be doable with ORK, but not sure yet, thinking of giving it a try.

Roguelike tutorial would be awesome, I am sure that there are many curious about it.
  • Hm, no - the grid battle would be over as soon as you killed the last enemy, so that's not really an option for this...

    You might want to check out Makinom's roguelike tutorial (another of my products, available for free) and use that in combination with ORK.
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    Interesting, I was afraid this might be the case. Which is sad, cause it has a lot of nice features, such as action range, for example.

    So far, I understand how to do the classic roguelike game with simple combat, what I am struggling with is a more robust combat/interaction system (kinda like the grid combat), and I was hoping for a solution to this.

    What I really want is a constant grid with lots of interactible objects, such as enemies, friendly npcs, activators, etc. Then, giving player plenty of options for each interaction, depending on object type, current weapon, etc.

    For example, if it's an enemy - choose between Attack, Cast Spell, Pickpocket, Examine, Speak. If it's a friendly NPC, the order of these would be reversed. Some of these would have subcategories, for example, Attack would give selection between Stab, Slash, Kick, Shieldbash, etc. If it's a chest, you could instead choose between Open and Examine.

    I really can't wrap my head about the best implementation of these player choices with Unity, and was hoping that something along those lines were possible with ORK or Makinom.
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  • You can use Makinom together with Ork.
    Have you thought about faking grid? If you are going to have a character move by the same amount in every direction (for example one world unit), then why not pretend that each world unit is a grid cell?
  • Nah, that's fine, I already have a grid implemented with A* algorithm, as well as inventory and effects, I was just thinking of expanding it with a more refined combat/interaction system.

    Currently, have an idea on how to do it in Unity, it's a bit clumsy, but should work. Overall, I feel like ORK does provide great value, but it might be harder to integrate to my project than do something on my own...

    I'll keep an eye out though, if the project keeps expanding to include more RPG styles and be more flexible overall, I might want to switch at some point.
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