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So I'm having a few issues right now, they aren't game breaking, but I don't know why they are happening.

My battle menu won't let me click on options, it'll highlight them, but I have to use my accept button instead. Clicking works on all other GUI screens and as far as I can tell the battle GUI screen is set up the same way.

I'm trying to set up my battle camera to look at attacking enemies, attacking allies... the players current selected target. But it's not doing anything. It's just acting like the normal in-game camera despite setting all those up in the battle camera settings with Allow events turned on. Am I missing something? Do I do this manually using battle events?

I want abilities from weapons to unlock with uses, ideally with kills. So for each kill/use of the weapon the player gains EXP for it (in theory) and each weapon has unlock-able abilities. (I'd like it to carry over between similar weapon types, such as 2 different daggers or 2 different pistols)... But despite setting it up for uses, the player always has that ability the moment the weapon is equipped.
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  • 1) Check if the used GUI box has No Click Accept enabled in its Choice Settings. That prevents clicking on buttons :)

    2) Is your camera control blocked during battles? Otherwise it'd override whatever camera change was made by the battle camera - unless you're using the Camera Control Target settings to change the camera target (only for built-in camera controls and custom controls deriving from the BaseCameraControl class).

    3) The ability is unlocked on equip, but will become learned when the required number of uses is reached (i.e. available without having it equipped).
    For a system as you described it, you'd need to set up separate status values for each ability, use it as requirement for the equipment ability and increase it in battle events if a compatible equipment is equipped - and learn it when reaching the required value.
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  • Ah okay, thanks. Let me check these out after work :)
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    Yeah so I've messed around with a few things. Choosing any abilities on my battle menu doesn't work with click.
    But the "Skip" action does. Only the skip action.. It's weird.
    Any idea?

    Edit : It gets weirder. It seems that random options don't allow clicking each turn. Even weirder, sometimes not even the keyboard press works. The only command that works every turn is Skip...
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  • Sounds like your combatant isn't able to perform any actions. What's your battle system setup like? E.g. if you're using turn based battles it could be an issue with your Actions Per Turn setup.
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    Edit : I think things are bugging out. Weapon based abilities aren't being learned even though it's set to auto on equip.
    Whenever I switch combatant starting equipment it shows up without the name in the drop down menu. It doesn't seem to be recognizing that the combatant has a new weapon.
    Unities been crashing too.

    I'm a bit worried about it.

    It's time to take a break... lol
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