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I've searched a lot on this forum but sadly the search engine is very poor. I didn't get anything I am looking for so I have to make this post and hope someone can help.

1. The map is a grid map where the player moves one tile each step. Events will only trigger when the player complete each step, which means events will not trigger when player is moving bwtween two tiles. How to make this in ORK?

2. Basically there are two types of events, which are battle with trainer and encounter wild pokemon. When the player walks in grass and meet a trainer, the encounter event will not happen. How to implement the priorities of events together with the first question?

3. I am currently testing interaction. And I found that if I set Start Type to Trigger Enter, event will not be triggered. The event works fine with Autostart and Interact though. Also I have tested that OnTriggerEnter2D triggers as expected. What is the cause of this problem?

Thanks for any tips.

Btw, if I have futher questions, should I ask in this post or post a new one?
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  • 1+2) That's not really how ORK's system works and it sounds more like you'll want a custom player control system for that.
    You can probably do something like that using Makinom (available for free), e.g. see the 2D Roguelike tutorial for something similar. Makinom could trigger ORK's battles via the connection plugin.

    3) Make sure the player also has a collider and that there is a rigidbody component (or rigidbody 2D for 2D colliders) on either the player or the event (or both). Unity's physics system requires colliders and rigidbodies to recognize collisions and trigger events.

    You can post further questions here if you want to keep it all in one place :)
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    Well, I figured out the 3rd question.

    That is, "Start by Root Object" of Event Interaction is enabled by default. But my root object doesn't have collider and rigidbody. The Interaction Controller is attached to the root object as a child. So if disable "Start by Root Object", everything works fine.

    And for the map event question, I will make my own scripts for it. Actually I had an idea about that, but just ask to check if ork can do it easily.

    Thanks for reply.
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  • The Trigger start types don't rely on the interaction controller, as they're started by the player (or some other object) entering the trigger (collider) of the interaction's object.
    So you could also fix this by having a collider on the player's root :)
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