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I'm having trouble getting User object variables to work in combined status value formulas. My player prefab has "ORK Object Variables" component with "StrengthMultiplier" float value initilized to 1 and my Attack Power formula has a "Check Variables -> User -> StrengthAPMultiplier -> Greater or Equal to 1" and after success a Multiply node with StrengthAPMultiplier as the value.

But it never gets there. And if I remove the Variable Check node the result will always be zero. I tried using "Target" as variable source also but that doesn't work either. I added a Debug node too to check the variable and it always prints out 0, even tho when I check the player in the inspector the object variable is set to 1.

Edit: Literally 5 mins after making this I realized that I have to add the Object Variables in the ork editor, not directly on the player prefab using a component. Now it works. :D
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  • Yeah - object variables added via components will only be available once the combatant has been spawned. E.g. testing formulas in editor or for unspawned combatants (e.g. player group members when only having the player walk around) would not get them.

    Setting them up in the combatant's settings will also allow using them without a spawned game object :)
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