I'm not sure what I've done, but as of yesterday I've found that I'm no longer able to trigger any battles. There's no error message in the Unity console or anything like that, but hostile faction combatants simply don't react to the player anymore. Moving into an ORK Battle Component's collider seems to cause something to happen--the frame rate plummets and the game hangs momentarily--but it doesn't actually trigger a battle. It's been awhile since I last ran a combat test, and I've added and changed quite a few things, but I can't figure out what I did that would have broken the entire combat system. Any troubleshooting ideas?
  • -Have you tried it on few different battle grids. spots/ whatever? This will exclude if it's a component fault or if it is systemic.
    - Check battle start event, maybe one of your changes had and impact on it in some way?
    - Are you sure that hostile faction really is hostile at the moment? Maybe you have caused faction reputation in some way to change.
  • Also, make sure the participating combatants (player and enemies) are set up correctly, e.g. if their health is above the death causing threshold (like 0). Another thing to check is if you're using a Scene ID on your battle, e.g. if the battle was already fought, the scene ID would prevent it from happening again.
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  • @JMR I've actually tried creating an entirely new scene to see if I could get battles to work there. I've also disconnected battle and turn start events. I'm running my tests in a new game, so reputation changes etc. wouldn't effect the faction hostility towards the player, which starts at -1000. I'm pretty sure whatever's causing this is indeed systemic. Somehow, somewhere along the line, I flipped the wrong switch in a dark, obscure corner of ORK.

    @gamingislove The scene combatants are very much alive and kicking (I just can't get them to kick at me). I've tried with and without a battle component, but when I do use one I generally leave it to the ORK default, i.e. '0' for the first one in the scene, one for the second if there are two, etc. Please do correct me if I'm wrong (I need to figure this out), but I shouldn't actually need a battle component if hostile combatants are spawned in the scene and battles are set to auto-trigger on sight, or movement detection. I'm also testing in a fresh run each time, so the battle shouldn't have already been fought... unless my player's evil twin is spawning into the scene first and triggering the battle. But the enemy combatants' faction shouldn't be hostile to my player's evil twin, so that couldn't be it.
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    Without a battle component I believe only the person/group who started the fight (and any autojoin folks) can actually enter battle with you.
    Does it happen even with one combatant?

    Also pause the scene after you should be in battle and click on the enemy, see what their battle information is. Are they in a turn? can they use actions? ext.
    Maybe they are having issues initiating attacks/abilities
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    What about putting a node that prints message to log at the start of battle start event, before all other nodes? This will help us determine if it's battle start event that is broken.
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  • You don't need a battle component, that's right - if the auto start battle options are used, the battle is created for you. However, this uses the scene ID of the combatants (e.g. from the combatant spawner), so that might also prevent starting battles.

    I'd first make sure if the battle is started at all, or if it's something in-battle that prevents the enemy from attacking. You can do this (as the others mentioned) via the battle start event (e.g. Debug node for Unity console output) or by checking the combatant inspectors for their state, being in battle, turns, etc.

    If the battle is started (and ongoing, so e.g. also put debug output in the battle end events), it could be due to the AI setup of your enemies, use ranges, etc.
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  • @Wrofir I've tried it with and without a battle component, and all combatants are set to auto-join the nearest battle. The Combatant Component shows that none of the game objects are currently engaged in a battle. My setup also pauses and blocks control while waiting for a turn to finish, so it would be fairly easy to tell.

    @JMR I've disabled the start event for now, but that's a good troubleshooting step. I tried that to see whether a battle was trying to start when I ran into a battle component's collider, but nothing printed so I assume whatever caused the game to hang momentarily in those instances was ORK either looking for something that wasn't there, or running into a conflict somewhere between settings. In any event, it never got to a point where it even tried to run the start event.

    @gamingislove There isn't any battle started, or at least none that registers with any of the combatants. Something causes the game to hang temporarily if I enter a battle component's trigger space, but I can't tell what because there's no message.

    I'm currently testing in a scene spawning a single enemy with its move AI turned off, so it's not the case that two non-player combatants are getting into a fight between themselves before the player can interact. Also, to your point, the combatant component states that neither combatant is engaged in battle. I think it's something that I've crossed up within the ORK framework rather than the scene itself.

    The Debug Node is an interesting suggestion. Does it show more than the standard Unity console? I haven't noticed Debug, but I'll run a search for it and see if I can get it to print something, although if it relies on a Battle Start event (or any battle event) to print then I'm afraid I'm out of luck because I can't event get those to run currently. This would be a much simpler troubleshooting process if I could.
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    If the battle start event isn't starting it means that the battle isn't starting. When using the auto start options when getting near a combatant, things that could prevent the battle from starting (if the player is within the defined range):
    - the combatant or player (all in the player group) is dead
    - the combatant isn't an enemy of the player
    - the auto start requirements aren't met
    - the scene ID (e.g. from the combatant spanwer) is already used
    - there already is a battle going on (e.g. by having a Real Time Battle Area in your scene)

    Is a new game object named _Battle created?
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  • I wasn't able to find the source of this issue and needed to move on, so in the end I scrapped a bit of work and reverted to an earlier version of my project. I very much appreciate everyone's input,
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